When illness strikes over and over again

We’ve all been there before ,in the wee hours of the morning someone wakes with a fever ,achy body, cough or possibly the stomach flu . In our house, what ever that sickness may be that child gets daddy’s recliner chair in the living room with what ever pillows and blankets they wish, the t.v that is normally put away comes out and they get to pick what ever they want to watch. Everyone else goes on with their normal school routine, chores  and always help wait on who ever is sick.  This has worked well for our family because having a break from school and watching all the t.v they want with rest seems to get them back on their feet again pretty soon. I think the big reason everyone who is healthy is so good about staying with the routine despite knowing there is t.v and pampering happening during school time is that they know their time will come , its almost inevitable.

Having any number of sick kids is hard but it will certainly always feel endless depending on how many children you have. About a month ago the stomach flu took down a child every two days until it went through most of the house. It had been only two weeks before that, it had just gone through our home in the same way, one or two per day every couple of days. Now in the month of March we were hit again (third time since January) but this time a nasty virus that when done would turn into chest or sinus infections. Personally I have had it the worst and longest of all ( I’m just going into my third week with no sigh of it leaving). Not one of us nine were spared ,everyone had it to some degree and we are all at the end of our rope.

What do you do when sickness brings you down time after time? How do you stay on track when there are lessons that have to be completed ? When do you say enough is enough?

This time with everyone being affected we did not sit around all day watching t.v , there were to many of us sick to get special treatment, we did rest and in between taking medications school work got done. Very small amounts got done, some math , cursive, language arts, pretty much work that could be done independently. My throat was to sore to teach so I would sit in my chair and correct when needed. We did our best but didn’t force or make a fuss over anyone who wasn’t up to it. Our family has always done our best to “go with the flow” when these kinds of things threaten our homeschooling over and over again. We just do our best in the moment to get through and evaluate and make a plan after its all done. We are currently still just getting through but I know like everything else it will pass and become a distant memory.

Remember to look for the joy in it all, the extra cuddles, the excuse to slow down and a chance to make the normal routine feel fresh again once it’s all over.

Hello homeschool world!

My name is Ellie and right now as I sit typing this I can look around my crowded dinning room to see 7 children of various ages and stages doing what we call home school. The baby is in his seat eating Cheerios, the two year old is crawling around under the table searching for tipped over crayons, the older children are doing math, handwriting and creating beautiful works of art. One is humming a tune, there’s a screamer and few who are deeply focused on their task.  It’s not glamorous nor organized most of the time but its our life and we want you to join us on this real life home school journey.

Homeschooling creeps into most areas of our life,  so this blog will not only discuss curriculum choices, scheduling (or lack of), field trips and record keeping but so much more.  I will discuss meal planning, home organization, the importance of connecting with other homeschooling families in your area or online, family chores , basically the list is endless. The other important thing I want to share with my readers is this is real life and sometimes it’s messy.  I will never claim to be an expert because after 8 years of homeschooling I have learned that it is ever changing. I will never have it down to a science and the only consistent factor after all these years has been Christ, he is the center of it all and He never changes.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and tomorrow . Hebrews 13:8 (ESV)

So please join me on this journey and possibly laugh, learn and be encouraged.